in our fleeting days.
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in our fleeting days.
found the perfect non-profit career for me in Kansas City after I return home from my Race!

God is crazy good!!
please be praying.

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home is where your pack lies. darling, let’s be adventurers!

“I really believe that if we receive this pure heart of Jesus and we have the heart of the Father beating in us, then we will start to see ‘the one.’ We will start to see ‘the one’ in front of us. They may be a child under a bridge, they may be wealthy, but they will be the one you see, they will be the one you can touch, they will be the one God put in front of you. That’s the Gospel — ‘Stop for the one, love the one.’”

{Heidi Baker}

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life as of late 2: me and my favorite backpack, paying a visit to one of the Ancient World Wonders, Angkor Wat. also, elephants. i love them, especially the ones with spots on their nosies! this is Cambodia. 

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life as of late: Angkor Wat, once one of the Ancient Wonders of the world. and kiddos that can light up any room with their beautiful smiles. this is Cambodia. 

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the stars have finally made an appearance, and Ray LaMontagne is singin’ lullabies in my ears. goodnight, world. 8th October, Monday (8:14am) Reblog ↬
favorite flower ever.
giving up the ghost. ↘

my latest blog about what our time in Thailand is doing to my heart. 

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nbd. just my life, as of late. 


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